Me_BodnarukEthan Bodnaruk is an Environmental Engineer working in the Syracuse, NY area. He holds an M.S. in both Nuclear Engineering (North Carolina State) and Ecological Engineering (SUNY-ESF).

Broadly interested in subjects of science, spirituality, and ethics he has also spent nine months living at contemplative Trappist monasteries practicing meditation. He is a young adult leader in the organization Religions for Peace, currently holding the position of Co-moderator of its North American young adult organization and Coordinator of the International Youth Committee.  His combination of rational analytic thinking and drive for broad understanding, meaning, and spirituality make him an ideal communicator and bridge between science, religion, and spirituality.

Someday he’ll finish that book he’s working on, tentatively titled Beyond Religion: Science and Spirituality Aligned.  In the meantime, this website keeps him writing and thinking on these topics.



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  1. how encouraging it is to discover a writer who holds a wider view than the religious apartheid which dictates strictures on the national doctrines.
    the international conscience will also be enriched by your embracing stance..we all need to peer over our common horizons to reach the needs of spiritually starved people on the brink of personal despair.
    ps: found you through shaula F, my daughter-in-law’s post

    • Hi Nadine! Thanks so much for your comments, and it’s great to see a connection with Shaula and Travis. I had such a fun time with them on my biking trip. I suppose I may be guilty for some of the half marathon bug but I’m sure he’s been around plenty of other athletic people too! Looking forward to our further discussion!

  2. indeed, travis was a precocious athlete by default, from the time i carried him on my back, pushing a wheelbarrow load to the creek to rinse the laundry..walking through fields, foraging the pristine greens in France..or fetching water for miles in the Great Basin deserts..encouraging to witness the lasting effects..and ongoing joy..the very premise of my own writing..some of which can be seen on verdigrass.blogspot.com/
    thanks for the link back..and access to your worthy projects.. ns

    • Looks like you and Travis had some wonderful and formative experiences together! That explains a lot of his joy and sense of adventure and awe at the world. Thanks for the link to your site! I’m also very interested in sustainable living! Peace…eb

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